Black Bear Burglarizes Backyard, Effortlessly Breaks Through Privacy Fence To Escape

black bear

Good thing they got this video, because no one would have believed their story of a black bear busting down their privacy fence.

Black bears have been known to swipe things from humans in the past. One even broke into someone’s house once, opened up the freezer, and made off with an entire thing of frozen lasagna. When it comes to tomfoolery, black bears might as well be experts.

The video below might be one of the zaniest outdoor videos you’ll ever see. There’s so much physical comedy present in this clip that, in my humble opinion, I’m ready to declare it “laugh out loud” funny. I know… that’s a strong (and often overused) statement.

But I really mean it! It’s not everyday that you see a video that a) features a wild animal stealing something and b) shows that said wild animal breaking through a feeble backyard fence like its a Chris Farley sketch (look it up kids). Usually it’s just one or the other.

The black bear in this clip had already managed to steal some sort of container from the backyard and was now trying to find a way out. How did it get in? That we don’t know. All we do know is that it most definitely exited the backyard a different way than it came in.

As the bruin carried the container towards the back corner of the fenced in yard, the person filming watched helplessly. It appears that the 500-pound bear’s plan of escape was to jump the fence, but as they say, plans change.

Almost as soon as the bear’s paws hit the top of the fence and it tried to pull itself up, the lower half of the bear swung forward and went right through the flimsy fencing. The sequence of events is hilarious, and led the bear to dismount from the top of the fence to instead walk right through the new opening in the wall.

The more I watch it, the more I want to believe that the bear purposely action-hero-ed this fence by swinging into it. I feel like going with that gives the bruin a lot of credit, because the fence busting does look rather accidental. Regardless of the animal’s intent, it still got out of the backyard and held onto the thing it had just stolen.

Check it out:

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