The Internet Is In Love With Reality TV Star & Influencer Spotted In Photo With Ron DeSantis After Ban On Lab-Grown Meat

Ron DeSantis

Nobody cared about the meat…

Well, I guess some people did, because yesterday Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed a ban on the sale of lab-grown meat in his state.

But that’s not what’s important here.

A photo posted with a tweet about the ban quickly caught the internet’s attention, not for the subject at hand but for the blonde bombshell in the background.

Even former NFL wide receiver (and one of the most unhinged follows on Twitter) took notice:

Well of course the internet was able to quickly identify the girl, and it turns out that the photo was actually taken last year at the McBee Meat Company in Lamoni, Iowa.

The blonde in the background is Calah Jackson, an outdoor influencer and star of the reality TV show The McBee Dynasty. The show, which apparently airs on Peacock, focuses on the family behind the farming and cattle business led by CEO Steven McBee Jr., who is seen in the green shirt beside DeSantis – and who happens to be Calah’s boyfriend.


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So while the good news it that the internet was able to quickly track her down, the bad news is that she’s taken, boys.

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