Bald Eagle Has Fish Stolen In Mid-Air By Another Younger Eagle

Bald eagle
Sam Rino

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

We’ve all heard that saying before right? That may not come up in adult life as it did when you were younger, but it sure comes up a lot out in the wild. Pretty much everyday is “finders keepers” for animals living out in a nature that is cutthroat (sometimes literally) and unfair.

In this high-flying encounter, I don’t know who the rightful “finder keeper” is. Sure, when the video begins, one of the bald eagles has the fish already in tow. However, who is to say that the second, younger bald eagle didn’t “find” the fish in the talons of the other flying bird.

Younger bald eagles don’t have the prominent white-capped head that their elders do. In fact, it takes a couple of years for a bald eagle’s plumage to reach full development, which is why the stealing bird in this clip looks the way it does.

The advantage would normally go to the more experienced eagle, though it doesn’t work out like that in this clip. Bald eagles are scavengers at the end of the day (some call them vultures with good PR agents), so this younger bald eagle was electing to get a fish for dinner the easier way.

Could it have fished for its own dinner? Yes, of course. Bald eagles are very skilled at the art of fishing. But could the young bird also save some time and effort by stealing another bald eagle’s freshly caught fish? You betchya, and that’s exactly what it did.

The footage of two bald eagles in an aerial dogfight (bird-fight may be more accurate, but you get what I’m saying) that wildlife photographer Sam Rino captured is exceptional to say the least. When you watch, you’ll probably think that the older bald eagle will somehow pull through and hold onto the prized fish. That’s at least what I was thinking…

I don’t want to spoil anything by describing the video any farther. You’ll just have to press play on the video below to see how things shook out:

Sam’s work is pretty badass… give him a follow for more:

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