Young Black Bears Have Backyard Wrestling Match In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Bears fighting in backyard
Martha Clabo

Is it really a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee if you don’t see a black bear while you are there?

The black bear is basically the mascot of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you’ve ever visited there and stayed, you probably saw little black bear statues and decorations all over your cabin. If you haven’t been yet but plan on going (you should go), prepare yourself to see more black bear decor than you thought was possible.

Millions of people visit Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park every year, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. It’s estimated that 13.3 million tourists travel to the national park per year, making it the most visited national park in the country (more than triple times the amount than the second-most-visited, the Grand Canyon). Keep that fun fact in your back pocket for trivia night.

And if you are lucky, while you are there taking in the sights of the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll also feast your eyes upon a black bear… from a safe distance of course. A woman by the name of Martha Clabo recently went to the Smokies to celebrate her birthday, and on her special day, she was able to witness two young black bears having a wrestling match in the backyard of where she was staying. At least I think it was a wrestling match… maybe don’t show your kids this just to be safe.

The two smaller bears stood up on their hind legs multiple times in the encounter, biting and snarling at one another. It was a pretty even fight since both bruins appeared to be the same size. Neither one of them was giving up, and both were standing their ground. And thanks to Martha Clabo (happy belated birthday to her by the way), the bear brouhaha that broke out was captured on video for all of the world to see.

Check it out:

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