Travis & Jason Kelce Recorded & Released A Respectable Christmas Song, “Fairytale Of Philadelphia”

Jason Kelce Christmas music
The Philly Specials

It’s hard to contain Travis Kelce on the football field, and as of late, it’s also seemed like he’s been hard to contain off the field.

After being flung into his high profile relationship with pop star Taylor Swift, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has been everywhere you look. Not only is he catching passes on Sundays for hundreds of yards, he’s also making cameo appearances on SNL, and flying all the way to Argentina to watch his new found love perform her Eras Tour concert.

So if you happen to be a fan of everything Travis Kelce, you are probably having the time of your life right now. If you don’t really care for him, God bless you, and it’s probably best that you just get used to seeing him all over the place.

That means Christmas time too, because Travis Kelce apparently took some time out of his seemingly chaotic football schedule to help his brother Jason Kelce out on his upcoming Christmas album. The Kelce family is rather talented, considering they have two high level NFL football players, and now two quote-unquote “singers” showcasing their talent.

Jason Kelce, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles (and was a finalist for Sexiest Man Alive), released a Christmas album last year with the help of some of his teammates titled A Philly Special Christmas, and for a bunch of football players, it wasn’t bad at all. The project turned out to be successful, which most likely played a part in them turning around and doing another one this year.

They’ve already released a cover of Mariah Carey’s all-time overrated Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and now the Philly Special crew called in the help of another footballer to cover The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York,” with a Philadelphia twist of course.

Titled “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” the Kelce Brothers come together with Eagles tackles Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson to sing a song that will undoubtedly put you in the Christmas spirit, or I guess the “Philadelphia Christmas” spirit would be the better way to say it.

And shoutout to Travis Kelce, he can apparently do it all. He can play football, he can sing, and he can juggle all of that along with a high-profile, all-eyes-on-him celebrity relationship with Taylor Swift. If things go well between those two, I’d get ready for Swift to join the Philly Specials on next year’s X-mas album.

Take a listen:

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