Taylor Swift Fans Dig Up Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets…And They’re Surprisingly Wholesome

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
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You just new the Swifties would be digging into Travis Kelce‘s background like the FBI.

As Taylor Swift‘s relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end heats up, her fans are doing their due diligence to make sure they approve of Taylor’s new man. And of course that includes digging into his old tweets.

Swifties recently dug up some old tweets from Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Taylor’s new bestie, that criticized their queen – and they weren’t happy about it:

So you know they were going to have to give Kelce the same treatment.

Well after digging into the tight end’s tweets from back in the day, it turns out they’re…actually pretty wholesome.

Of course Kelce and Taylor are the same age, so fans were quick to point out that while Taylor was writing songs about love and heartbreak, Travis was…tweeting about feeding a squirrel a piece of bread (while misspelling both “squirrel” and “piece”).

They also noticed that Travis tweeted a LOT about eating Chipotle – but that he had trouble actually spelling it.

And he’s also a big fan of Christmas, tweeting several times about how much he loved the holiday.

In fact, it seems like a lot of Swifties approve of the relationship even more after seeing just how unproblematic Kelce’s old tweets are:

Even if he’s not great at spelling.

Overall, it seems like Travis was just tweeting like a normal college kid back in the day. Nothing problematic like we sometimes see when people start digging into someone’s old tweets.

Good to see that Kelce seems to be getting the Swiftie stamp of approval.

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