Jason Kelce Named A Finalist For People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” & Even He Knows It’s Bullsh*t: “I’m Not Even The Sexiest Man In My Family”

Jason Kelce
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Move over, Travis.

Jason Kelce is adding another accolade to his list… but it’s not sports-related this time.

The New Heights podcast co-host and Philadelphia Eagles player can add ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ nomination to his list of accolades as he stands beside other nominees like Usher, Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet, Emmy-nominated actor Pedro Pascal, and Lenny Kravitz for the People Magazine award, with Patrick Dempsey taking home the award.

While there has been a media frenzy around his younger brother’s whirlwind romance with pop superstar Taylor Swift, Jason has been a commentator of it all through their podcast. While Travis Kecle is a good-looking guy, the ‘Sexiest Man Alive List’ shows Swifties have been missing what is right under their nose this whole time.

The real catch among the Kelce brothers is Jason.

I am SURE his outfits are why he was nominated for the award. Shall we take a minute to admire some of the stunning choices he has made? Fashion icon, some might say.

After the list featured Kelce came out, he was asked about it on the Sports Radio 94WIP show, giving a hilarious response.

“I’m not even the sexiest man in my family. Let alone sexiest man alive. I mean, what are we talking about here?” 

The radio show host bursts out laughing as he gives his answer. While Jason might disagree that he is the sexiest man alive, ladies love a family man. Jason married his wife Kylie in 2018, and have two daughters together. With clips often going viral of Kelce playing with his kiddos on the field, the tender moments melt the hearts of football fans everywhere.

Not to mention the quick-on-your-feet humor he processes, highlighted on the New Heights podcast, Jason is a catch.

“It’s fun. I mean, the publicity around the family and everything has gone to a completely different level. But yeah, that was funny to see, for sure. Hey…it’s not bad… it’s pretty nice.” 

He added during the radio interview.

Maybe next year will be Travis’ turn. I can’t wait to turn into next week’s podcast episode to hear what the brothers say about this.

Check out some of the grade-A commentary from Twitter (now known as X).

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