Did Troy Aikman Call Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh “Hot” During Monday Night Football?

Robert Saleh
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Unless you are some sort of sick, die hard football fan, you probably turned off Monday Night Football early last night and missed this now-viral moment.

The New York Jets took on the Los Angeles Chargers last night, and the Jets were pretty much grounded the entire game. “Gang Green” scored a measly 6 points and made the 30th ranked Chargers defense look like the 1985 Chicago Bears (they’re considered the best NFL defense of all time).

As exciting as the storylines of Aaron Rodgers’ potential return have been, if I were him, I don’t know if I would be rushing back all that fast. We keep seeing videos of him teasing his comeback, but does he really want to put his well-being on the line for this?

The Jets’ offensive line looks like a turnstile, and the offensive play-calling (which certainly would be different with Rodgers under center) has been horrendous under offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who if you remember was the head coach for the Denver Broncos last year and didn’t make it to the end of the season.

And speaking of head coaches, the Jets HC Robert Saleh has been stuck in a Zach Wilson purgatory ever since Rodgers went down on the first offensive series of the New York Jets season. His face has looked pretty much the exact same (besides the fact he’s grown a beard) the entire year anytime the broadcast shows him on the sideline:

Pretty accurate Fast and Furious description there…

And while the traditional ESPN broadcast (not the ManningCast) led by Troy Aikman and Joe Buck couldn’t wait for the horrific game to be over, they were discussing how upset that Saleh had to be watching his team’s performance.

Buck first made a comment on Saleh’s negative body language, saying:

“You’ve seen that pose and that look on Robert Saleh’s face for the majority of the night. He’s steaming right now.”

Troy Aikman then came in with a strange response, and seemed to “save himself” after he uncomfortably paused for a moment:

“Yeah, he is so hot…inside.”

Does Aikman have a little crush on Robert Saleh? Or was he just trying to make a comment about Saleh’s blood boiling because of his team, and it accidentally came out wrong?

Regardless of what happened, it was incredibly awkward, but still not as embarrassing as the Jets offense. You’d have to say something pretty outlandish to take away from the tire fire that is the New York Jets offensive unit…

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