Aaron Rodgers Says He’s Coming Back In “A Few Weeks,” And At This Point I Believe Him

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Aaron Rodgers is not human.

The 39-year old quarterback of the New York Jets was injured way back in week one of the NFL season when he went down with a torn Achilles, an injury that generally takes 8 to 12 months to recover from.

But Rodgers raised eyebrows when he didn’t rule out the possibility of a return this season (and for some of his untraditional methods that he was using during his recovery, like listening to dolphin sex noises).

Now obviously it seems insane. The fastest that any NFL player has ever come back from an Achilles injury is six months, and Joe Rogan revealed that Rodgers was also expecting it to be about six months, so a return this season seemed entirely out of the question.

Well as Rodgers said, give me your doubts and watch what I do.

It was insane to see the quarterback up walking and throwing on the field just five weeks after his surgery. But since then, his recovery seems like it’s going better than anybody anticipated.

Last night ahead of the Jets’ matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday Night Football, Rodgers was seen not only walking and throwing, but also dropping back to throw some bombs on the field before the game.

Remember, we’re only two months out from an injury that can take a year to recover from.

Well after the game, Chargers safety Derwin James asked Rodgers when he was coming back, and Rodgers sure sounds like he’s planning on being out on the field this season:

“Give me a few weeks.”

Excuse me, a few WEEKS? You mean a few MONTHS, right? Right?

Of course Rodgers may have just been joking around, knowing that it would be ridiculous to think that we’d see him back behind center this season. But all signs keep pointing to just that – and at this point I think it might be more surprising if he doesn’t return this season.

Rodgers discussed his recover during a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show recently, and he and McAfee discussed the insane healing process Rodgers has gone through in only a handful of weeks.

McAfee told Rodgers that he “defies science,” and he hilariously responded:

“It’s like we learned, if science is Dr. Fauci, damn right I’m defying science.”

Pat served that one up on a tee…

Needless to say, if we do somehow see Rodgers suit up in a Jets uniform at any point this season, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle.

Check it out:

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