Arnold Schwarzenegger Brought His Donkey To The ManningCast

Arnold ManningCast

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger not get a donkey-sitter for the night?

If you tuned into ESPN’s ManningCast to watch Peyton and Eli Manning break down Monday Night Football, you were probably as surprised as everyone else when they showed Arnold Schwarzenegger feeding his pet donkey while he was being interviewed.

The bodybuilder, movie star and former Governor of California was the first guest of the night on the ManningCast, and though it was great to see “The Terminator” himself, all anyone could focus on was the fact that there was a donkey inside Arnold’s home.

I will say that if you really just want to watch football, the ManningCast isn’t always the best way to do it. The interviews and breakdowns that Peyton and Eli do are the main focus, and the football game also just happens to be in the back ground.

And that distraction level becomes even greater when there’s a farm animal just wondering around in a movie star’s home.

As it turns out, Schwarzenegger has a pet donkey and a pet mini pony, and it’s completely normal for them to be in his home.

Or frolicking in his yard like in this video:

Oh, and like Arnold said in the caption of that video, the donkey’s name is Lulu and the mini pony’s name is Whiskey. Maybe we can look into some sort of Whiskey Riff partnership with Arnold’s pony?

Clearly his pet farm animals are as big of stars as Schwarzenegger is, and Lulu certainly stole the show (and the hearts of football fans) when she briefly appeared on the ManningCast as the show went to break.

Take a look:

By the way, Peyton and Eli only asked ONE question about the donkey. I’m not sure how you call yourself an interviewer and you don’t get more info on Lulu the Donkey.

A complete disgrace…

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