Kirk Cousins Says The Vikings Jumped On The Creed Bandwagon, Blasted “Higher” Before Win Over Chicago Bears

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Minnesota Vikings

Man, nothing is making me happier than seeing the resurgence of Creed right now.

It’s no secret that the rock band has gotten a lot of undeserved hate over the years, as they just seem to be one of those bands that the internet loves to hate for no reason at all, much like Nickelback. But come on, everybody deep down knows they love at least one Creed song. Not to mention, every song the group dropped has a positive or very relatable message.

So, I’ll unashamedly say that I am a Creed fan, and it made me happy to see the band was briefly getting back together for the Summer of ’99 Cruise concert series this past summer.

And on top of that, it made me even happier to see that the Texas Rangers have been crediting their late season push all the way to the American League Championship Series to playing Creed songs in the locker room. They’re even playing it for the crowd at Globe Life Field.

And now, it appears that another professional sports team has adopted Creed as their go to locker room music to get the mojo going… the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have had a rough start to 2023, starting off 1-4. Not to mention, their star wide receiver Justin Jefferson is currently out with an injury.

However, the Vikings have the talent to be a better football team, and they got a much needed 19-13 win over the Chicago Bears yesterday. And what may have sparked the win? Quarterback Kirk Cousins believes it’s Creed.

Cousins told Inside The Vikings:

“Garrett Bradbury, in the locker room pregame, took a clip from the Texas Rangers and made sure that Creed got played before we went out on the field, and I felt like that may have made the difference. So, we’ve got that going for us.”

And one song the team played this past week? One of Creed’s greatest hits, “Higher.”

He continued:

“The Rangers have been playing Creed and they’re rolling in the playoffs. We’ve been listening to it in the lifts a little bit here and there.

Music’s banging on the boom box most pregames, and we thought we’d mix up the genre a little bit, get some Creed in there. Garrett made sure it happened. It was well-received.

They’ve got quite a catalog. We started with ‘Higher’ this week. We didn’t want to overstep our bounds. So just one, ‘Higher.’ Next week, maybe we can see what we go to from there.”

Cousins was then asked if this is going to become a tradition, and he responded:

“We’ll see. But it may have made the difference, who knows.

So, I guess we’ll see if this becomes a regular pregame thing for the Vikings, but hard to argue with the results. With the San Francisco 49ers coming up this week, there gonna need all the help they can get.

I gotta say… this would be the perfect time for the Dallas Cowboys to bring back Creed for the Thanksgiving Day halftime show again:


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