Danno Simpson Teams Up With OurVinyl For Must-Listen Live Session

Danno Simpson country music

Monday’s are tough, but they’re not quite as bad when Danno Simpson releases new music.

There have been tons of incredible artists featured in OurVinyl’s live sessions over the years, but the brand new Danno Simpson session might one of the best yet. The Fort Collins, Colorado based up and comer recently teamed up with OurVinyl for a four-song session that features live performances two previously released songs in “Appetite” and “The Road,” as well as two brand new originals titled “Dry County Blues” and “Days Gone By.”

Relatively stripped back sonically, with Simpson on acoustic guitar and Wes Barlow on fiddle, Simpson’s deft lyricism and the raw emotion with which he sings are on full display in each track as he delves into heavy topics of addiction, mortality, and love, often with a clever spin that has become a staple in his songwriting.

Check out each track for yourself below, and see why Danno Simpson is a name that every country music fan needs to know.


I’ve been learning how to do all this living on my own
And learning how to be alright being all alone
And I’ve been learning ’bout the difference between healing and numbing pain
I put the bottle down a while but tonight she’s calling out my name
Hell I wish she gave me something that I could be angry for
I’ll tell a lie to myself and reckon we had just run our course
She said she prays I’ll find whatever I’m looking for
I held heaven in my hands and somehow wanted more

“Dry County Blues”

Lying here wide awake shaking
For reasons I’m too proud to say
There are things I admit that I just could not quit
Send men like myself to the grave

“Days Gone By”

You can count up your gray hairs
Count up the times that you let her down
You can thumb through the years ’til it brings you to tears
And you feel like you’re starting to drown
What’s the point in the end?

“The Road”

I’ll be leaving in the morning
And I’ll be gone before you know
Virginia, baby, you’ve been good to me
But you’ve got to understand I have to go
Catch that train down to Memphis
Clear my mind in Tennessee
Catch myself thinking ’bout my life
And how the road is always waiting there for me
How the road is always waiting there for me

Having released his first single just a few years ago in 2020, Simpson’s catalog to date is relatively short but it’s potent, and each and every song is more than worthy of your time and attention. Born in Texas but hailing from Colorado, Simpson draws inspiration from the greatest outlaw songwriters to ever put pen to paper, such as Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, among others, and it shows in his music.

Rooted in storytelling through thoughtful lyricism, and with a killer backing band and an intricate instrumental approach, the proof is in the music that Danno Simpson could be one of the next up and coming country music artists to breakthrough to the big time.

If you’re not too familiar with the rest of his music, here are his two most recent releases, prior to this spectacular OurVinyl Sessions EP.

“Larimer County Jail”

“A Hard Rain in Bozeman”

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