Bass Gets Off The Hook & Back Into The Water By Nut-Tapping Fisherman

bass fishing

You always love to see a plan get executed to perfection.

There’s not much a fish can do once it’s on the hook. All they can hope is that the person reeling them in is a catch-and-release type, and they can try to avoid falling for the lure when the next time comes around (fish are known to avoid jigs and lures when they’ve been caught previously).

In this case, it appears that the bass that got reeled in might not have avoided the lure, but it sure did look like it had been caught before. Why am I assuming that? Because the fish certainly had a game plan after it got pulled out of the water.

Now before we get too far, it is very normal for a fish to flop around when it has been caught. It’s only instinctual for a fish to attempt to get away, and that’s their go-to move. However, I don’t think you are prepared to see the calculated flopping and swinging that this bass showcased.

When the bass was first reeled in, it remained relatively still at first, which is rare for a fish in distress. Only when the scaly creature was closer to the man that had just caught it did the bass start going on the offensive, and appeared to know the exact place of weakness to target.

The angler got the bass to about waist high, and it’s then when the fish really started busting out some hard tail-fin-whipping. On what was really only the second attempt, the bass landed a devastating nut-tap, which caused the fisherman to heel over. The bass knew that was its best chance to get away.

So it flopped like a fish has never flopped before, breaking loose of the hook in its mouth and hitting the deck of the boat. The man was still recovering (if your a male, you know exactly what he was feeling), so he couldn’t intervene, and the bass wiggled its way off the boat and back into the water… just like it drew it up.

Take a look:

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