The Texas Rangers Have Reportedly Been Blasting Creed In The Clubhouse To Get Hype For Postseason Games… & It’s Working

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What’s behind the Texas Rangers’ postseason success? It could all be thanks to the late 90s and early 2000s rock band Creed.

That might sound crazy, but baseball teams figuring out a way to “rally” has actually been pretty common. The Philadelphia Phillies adopted a song by Calum Scott called “Dancing On My Own” for their run last year, and in 2021, the Atlanta Braves rallied around one of their players that was wearing a pearl necklace.

For some reason, weird stuff works in baseball. That’s why the Texas Rangers have apparently been fueled by Creed, which some people consider to be a “butt rock” band.

Surely you’ve heard some of their biggest hits, such as “With Arms Wide Open,” “Higher,” and “My Sacrifice.” It’s those songs that apparently saved the Rangers’ season when they were struggling halfway through the year, and what is now propelling them to upset the Baltimore Orioles in the postseason (they are currently up 2-0 in a best of 5 series).

This post from MLB Life explained the situation with a little more clarity, saying:

“According to pitcher Andrew Heaney, it started when they were struggling in the second half of the season this year.

He said he hopes that Creed is playing throughout the ballpark before their home games this week because it would fire the team up if fans started singing along.”

Hey, whatever works…

And there’s really not an argument against this whole “Creed” thing working, considering the Rangers are one of the hottest teams in baseball, and they are peaking at the exact right time.

Speaking of Creed…my personal Top 5 Creed songs? Well, since you asked:

5. “My Own Prison”

4. “With Arms Wide Open”

3. “Higher”

2. “One Last Breath”

1. “My Sacrifice”

I can definitely see why “My Sacrifice” would pump up the Texas Rangers, and might I suggest that the stadium has it ready to play for when the Rangers lay down a sacrifice bunt…

Take a listen:

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