Yellowstone Fans Hoping For Jamie Dutton To Win In Series Finale, With The Second Half Of Season 5 On The Way

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I can’t lie, this wait for the second half of season five of Yellowstone keeps getting longer and longer.

First, we found out the news that there would be a delay in production for the second half of season five after there was reportedly a conflict in scheduling between Kevin Costner and the show, due to Costner’s busy schedule.

Of course, there was no confirmation that these rumors were true, but then it came out that Season 5 would in fact be the end of the show as we know it, and that a new spinoff series starring Matthew McConaughey would continue the story… without the great John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

And then there’s the current writer’s strike going on that could possibly push back the premiere date even further, and we might not see the series finale until this fall and possibly even later.

Needless to say, Yellowstone is a hot mess right now, and I just hope the show gets a great ending like it deserves, considering the past incredible four seasons the show has brought us previously.

So, as we await the premiere, there really isn’t much else to do besides speculate about what we believe will happen, and what we want to happen as the show comes to a conclusion.

With that being said, a number of Yellowstone fans have been showing support for Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) in the show’s subreddit here recently.

I’ll admit, ever since I started watching the show, its always been hard for me to wrap my mind around the hate Jamie has received since season one from his own family.

I get it, Jamie was adopted and is not blood related to the Dutton’s, but the man is simply carrying out his duty as a lawyer and politician, which John forced him to become in the first part.

And I know that Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is bitter because Jamie took her to an abortion clinic that made her infertile after she got pregnant as a teenager, but Jamie was just a kid too and didn’t know what he was doing.

I can understand why Beth dislikes him, but the hate she gives him is a bit over the top.

At this point, Jamie has done everything that was asked of him by his own family, just to be hated. So who can blame him for turning his back on them and knowingly join forces with the manipulative Sarah Atwood with Market Equities?

And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that way, because there are a number of Yellowstone fans who want to see Jamie win at the end.

Someone commented on the show’s subreddit saying:

“I’m just gonna say it I think Jamie deserves to win. You can agree you can disagree but frankly I think that Jamie is BY FAR what is best for the ranch at this point.

And considering all the shit that he’s been through in this show he, and Kayce’s family, is the only person I actively root for anymore.”

And this Redditor wasn’t alone.

There were a number of responses supporting the comment:

“TBF, John especially treated him terribly for no good reason. It’s like he was trying to force him to turn against them.”

“Beth, had obvious reasons but he was just a kid too who made a bad decision and she did go to him for help.”

“I agree. Did Jamie really make a bad decision? We don’t really know. I can’t imagine he would tell a doctor to give his pregnant teen sister a hysterectomy and the doctor would agree. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Beth asked him for help. She wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Jamie brought her to a doctor and the doctor screwed up. Maybe he perforated the uterus or nicked a major blood vessel and had to perform a hysterectomy to save her from bleeding to death.”

“I am so sick of Beth blaming Jamie. She’s a psychopath and shouldn’t be around kids anyway.”

“I don’t believe that one thing is why she’s a villain. I think she always was entitled and rebellious. She just holds that over Jamie’s head to abuse him.”

“I always felt like the ‘Jamie made Beth get a hysterectomy’ storyline was just a cheap way to explain Beth’s hatred. It doesn’t fit his character at all.”

“I’m not exactly team Jamie but as far as the story goes, it makes more sense to have him overcome all of his shit than to somehow magically have Beth overcome her trauma in what’s left of the show.”

And of course, there are other fans who will always stick by Beth’s side no matter what, and are still coming to her defense:

“There was no Dr. screw up. Beth got pregnant and went to Jamie for help. Jamie took her to a clinic on the reservation and he went in to talk to them and get it all set up for her.

While talking to the nurse or Dr. at the check in counter she told him you don’t want her to get this done here because our policy is she will be sterilized and unable to ever have children. He paused for a second and seemed to think about it and then he chose to allow Beth to go through with it without knowing the long term consequences.

She didn’t find out until after it was done. I am unsure of when exactly she found out the while truth or when.”

And another defense of Beth:

“I call BS, he’s too smart to not know what he did. They even explain it to him before he went and got her. He’s shit for this. But I still root for him as well.”

So what do we think, fans?

Should Taylor Sheridan write the Jamie Dutton redemption story? Should Beth rule over the ashes? Should they all die and the ranch go to Tate?

Only time will tell…

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