“Ethan Gave Me Anxiety” – This Kid Is Hilariously Bad At Standing Still As Dad Tries To Get Him To Feed Deer From His Hand

Kid feeding deer

I need a drink after watching this one.

Now I don’t have kids, but I know enough about young ones to know that they’re full of energy and they pretty much never sit still.

So trying to get a small child to stand still enough to get a wild deer to walk up to them and eat out of their hand? That’s like putting Wheeler Walker Jr. on stage at a kid’s birthday party: You know it isn’t going to go well.

In this video that I recently came across, a dad is trying to instruct his young sons who are holding out some bread for a group of deer that are walking down their street. And Ethan is pure chaos.

Now, obviously doing this isn’t the best idea for a number of reasons. Deer are wild animals, and no matter how cute or tame they may seem, all it takes is one wrong move to spook the deer and little Ethan’s going to be flat on his back as Bambi bolts out of there – or worse (I mean, just look at those antlers and the damage those things could do).

Not to mention the fact that wildlife can also carry diseases, and getting wild animals dependent on humans for food can also cause the deer to migrate to places that they shouldn’t be, places that aren’t sustainable for deer and are without proper food and habitat (like the middle of the road in a suburb).

But when the deer are this close, how can you not get the urge to try to get them to come up to you?

Well the dad does his best to keep little Ethan as still as possible while holding out some bread for the deer, but again, kids aren’t really the best at standing still. (To be fair, neither am I).

After a few anxiety-inducing minutes, a couple of drops of the bread, and a kid who has a harder time standing still than Garth Brooks does on stage, the buck finally makes it up to Ethan to take the bread offering out of his hand.

Whew, I see why parents drink now.

The best part of the video, though, is down below in the comments:

“The buck looked at the father like “wtf is wrong with ur kid” lol”

Dad: “Ethan, don’t move”
Ethan: “It’s fun to stay at the Y M C A!”

“There’s no way that their mom is home. This is exactly why you don’t leave your kid’s with Dad.”

“The guy behind the camera sounds like he’s negotiating during a hostage situation.”

“Not to be mean but Ethan is that one sibling or kid in the classroom that just never listens to directions and screws it up for everyone”

“10 years from now, Ethan gonna drive away with the gas nozzle still in his car.”

“Not gonna lie, Ethan gave me mad anxiety.”

“The deer is better at following instructions than Ethan.”

We can all laugh about it, but honestly, it’s just an adorable video of a kid (who may not be the best at following directions…but what kid really is?) getting an up close look at one of nature’s beautiful creatures.

I’m sure I would have had a hard time standing still too.

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