“That Dirty A** Water” – Charles Barkley Is Currently In A Social Media Feud With Galveston, Texas

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley versus the state of Texas is a tale as old as time.

The former basketball player and now media personality has a long history of insulting cities in Texas. In the past, he’s implied that everything truly is bigger in Texas when he’s claimed that women in San Antonio are “heavyset.” But we’ll tie back to that in just a bit…

More recently, the city of Galveston, Texas took a stray when Sir Charles was making fun of the effort levels the New Orleans Pelicans were showing in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Usually when a team is about to make an early exit, fans and memesters say that they can go ahead and start booking trips to Cancun.

But apparently in the eyes of Charles Barkley, the Pelicans didn’t deserve such a luxurious vacation destination:

“We’re not even gonna send them to Cancun. We’re gonna send them to Galveston, where that dirty-ass water be washing up on the shore. We not gonna send y’all to Cancun, y’all drive your ass, y’all quit. We sending their ass to Galveston, Texas, right where that dirty water washed up on the beach, they can’t even get in the water.”

Not a great look for the tourism department in Galveston, Texas…

That joke actually got the town of Galveston so up in arms, they decided to fire back with some thoughts of their own. Was it the best crafted response to Charles Barkley’s roasting of their ocean-side town? No it was not, but it was an answer nonetheless:

“Charles Barkley, here I was thinking we were cool, and then you go throwing shade like we’re strangers. What’s up with that?”

Yikes… okay maybe they would have been better off not getting into a social media fight with the “Round Mound of Rebound.” They couldn’t even use an HD quality photo for the post? C’mon Galveston! That picture is as clear as your… never mind.

And speaking of “round mounds,” when it came time for Charles to issue an apology for all he had said about the city of Galveston, it didn’t go all that well. Barkley didn’t really say sorry as much as he somehow managed to roast two different Texas cities:

“That water is so dirty I’d rather go to San Antonio with those big ole’ women.”

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