“That’s Jim Carrey” – Social Media Roasts Caitlin Clark Bobblehead That Looks Nothing Like Her

Caitlin Clark bobblehead

Caitlin Clark has ascended to the level of stardom where you get your very own bobblehead.

That’s usually an honor… you just hope that the manufacturer cranking out the novelty items has some pride in making it look as lifelike as possible. For FOCO, a website offering up multiple different versions of Clark’s bobblehead for sale, making the product actually look like the 2024 number one overall WNBA draft pick apparently wasn’t a priority.

So now that means that Caitlin Clark is having trouble adjusting to the professional game as the face of the Indiana Fever (haters are already saying she’s not good) and she isn’t having any luck with her bobblehead likeness. You can view the Clark figurines, which are 100% real, at this link. Or you can just view a not-so-flattering picture of it below:

I mean… that’s not even close?

There’s apparently one versions that’s a “Draft Night” bobblehead that looks a little more like Clark, since the figurine shows Caitlin with her hair down. But the one above, and the couple of others that are like it, have some social media users guessing that FOCO just had leftover bobbleheads sitting in a warehouse that they reworked to be Caitlin Clark.

The commentary around the bobblehead, which is now going viral, is hilarious to say the least:

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A beer bottle on a dock