Twitter Explodes After More Tom Brady & Kim Kardashian Dating Rumors Start Swirling

Tom Brady Kim Kardashian
Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Another day, another Tom Brady dating rumor.

The former NFL quarterback and 7-time Super Bowl winner has been connected to quite the list of names ever since he and his supermodel wife Giselle Bündchen of 13 years split up late last year.

Brady was briefly rumored to be dating Reese Witherspoon, has often been linked to model Veronika Rajek, and was allegedly even stalked by a Russian model recently at a wedding he attended.

The action might have stopped for Tom on the field after his second retirement, but off the field, things are really just getting started. Especially after the latest rumors swirling on social media following a high-class, exclusive beachfront celebrity party.

Anyone and everyone was there at Michael Rubin’s Hamptons party. Celebrities and athletes alike were in attendance, and it was a real who’s-who on social media once the elites started sharing pictures.

Two people that popped up in a lot of the event’s pictures were Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady, and as the internet often does, people started reading into the whole thing, and somehow social media concluded that Kardashian and Brady could be in a relationship.

A tweet sent out by MLFootball gave some details from the party, stating:

“Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian ‘were super flirty with each other’ at the Fanatics CEO’s annual white party, a source told the Daily Mail, alleging the duo was ‘seen during the day on the beach together and again dancing at night.'”

And to be honest, things kind of add up, because not too long ago it was reported that Kim was moving into Brady’s Bahamas neighborhood. If she did end up buying real estate near Tom, who is to say that the pair didn’t hit it off in the Bahamas?

They would without a doubt be a super couple of sorts if they do get together, and I know for a fact that all of the news outlets are cheering for them to make it official so they can have an endless stream of “Bradashian” content to discuss.

Social media certainly can’t handle the rumors, as tweets were flooding in as people tried to wrap their heads around the couple, as well as making a few jokes:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock