Tom Brady Rumored To Be Dating “Superstar Blonde” As Fans Hilariously Speculate On Who It Could Be

Tom Brady Veronika Rajek
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What is Tom Brady up to?

That’s the million dollar question really, or the $375 million dollar question depending on how you look at it. Not playing football has certainly given Brady the opportunity to make headlines more often, or at least it seems like that is the case.

Besides a plan to head back to New England for a “Thank You Tom” day at the football team’s home opener, not much actual personal news has been shared about the 7-time Super Bowl winner.

There was a temporary moment where it looked like he would back out of his Fox Sports announcing gig, speculation that him and Kim Kardashian could be linked, and even an announcement that he was “done with models” not too long ago.

But that last part might not be true, according to one new source.

An insider has leaked some pretty interesting information about how Brady has been holding up following his divorce from supermodel Gisele Bünchden, who he was married to for 13 years.

According to a source close to Tom Brady who talked to Radar Online:

“Seeing Gisele flourish solo is eating away at him.”

Gisele has been rumored to be dating one of Brady’s billionaire friends (I’m sure he has a really great personality), and that seems to be getting under the longtime quarterback’s skin.

The insider went on to say that Tom has secretly been dating (and bragging about) a “blonde superstar,” though the identity of that specific person is unknown and no pictures have been taken of Brady that would connect him to a blonde-haired partner.

The report conflicts with other recent sources saying that Tom was looking for his next relationship to be more conservative and traditional. However, this other quote from the inside source might explain the change of heart:

“He just wants to make Gisele jealous and project the image that he’s a happy bachelor who’s got it made.”

A while back we posted an article about rumors swirling around Brady and Reese Witherspoon being a couple, so could that be the “blonde superstar” the source is talking about?

Or could it be the longtime rumored romantic fling, Veronika Rajek?

Based on an Instagram post from her from last season as Tom played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, she is clearly a “big fan” of Brady. The blonde superstar part at least lines up…

Her caption reads:

“I saw the LEGEND and if somebody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him, and show me somebody who doesn’t.

Even his haters love him because they know he is the GOAT. Tom Brady, thank you for an amazing show!”

Of course the internet has taken the rumor and ran with it, with fans throwing out some hilarious possibilities for the identity of Brady’s new secret love interest.

May the relationship and retirement rumors around Tom Brady swirl forever…

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