Tom Brady Was Reportedly Stalked By Russian Model Irina Shayk At A High Profile Wedding Last Week

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Tom Brady’s seven Super Bowl victories is quite impressive, but his many rumored partners since he and his super model wife Gisele Bündchen split might outnumber his Super Bowl rings.

Every other week (it seems), Brady is either linked to or seen with a potential suitor, so it seems as though he is making the most of his bachelor life after his divorce in 2022.

The only thing that has made headlines more recently are the rumors of Brady returning to play football once more, but he stepped in and put that to rest last week.

So now we are only left to speculate on when “Touchdown Tom” plans to start his lucrative broadcasting career, and who he might be dating.

It’s no surprise that some other models are trying their best to get together with the legendary NFL quarterback, but it is a little surprising that Tom was reportedly “fending off advances” from a woman at a wedding last weekend.

A source from the New York Post said that Brady was constantly having to avoid and maneuver around 37-year-old Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk, who allegedly did her best to hang around the former quarterback any chance she got.

The source told the New York Post:

“She followed him around all weekend. She was throwing herself at him.”

Poor Tom Brady…

The insider also said that Tom was telling his friends at the wedding that he simply “wasn’t interested” in the Russian model, possibly because of the high-profile life that Shayk lives.

Makes sense and lines up with what another inside source said in regards to Brady “being done with models” after splitting from his wife of 13 years.

Shayk’s past relationships with Bradley Cooper (whom she had a child with), Kanye West (obvious why that’s troubling), and Cristiano Ronaldo might just be too much “front page of the magazine” energy for the 45-year-old.

Brady probably just isn’t in too much of a rush to dive into a serious relationship again, especially one that would be of a higher profile and could draw unwanted attention.

Make sure to pour one out for Tom Brady when you get the chance. Here’s to hoping that he finds love.

Shouldn’t be a problem if he keeps posting thirst traps like this…

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