Colter Wall Turned Down Joe Rogan’s Podcast Back In 2020 Because… He Was Ranching

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Want to know how legit Colter Wall is?

Look no further…

In late 2020, Joe Rogan shared a post to Instagram detailing the fact that Colter Wall is “legit as fuck.”

And while I can’t disagree with the sentiment, the natural question that followed was, “so when is coming on?”

And then back in November of 2020, when Presidential debates rolled around and people thought Joe should moderate them, he quoted Colter in response:

“Don’t you know the Devil wears a suit and tie
I saw him driving down the sixty one in early July
White as a cotton field
And sharp as a knife
I heard him howlin’ as he passed me by…”

Once again, the question was, “when is he coming on?”

And as it turn out, Joe asked him to come on back in the summer, but Colter is so damn legit, that he declined. Why?

Because he was ranching.

Yep, Colter Wall turned down the biggest podcast in the world because he had some ranching to do for the summer. That’s as legit as it gets.

Listen to this…

So now, two years later… can we get Colter on?

I think Colter has pretty much been sticking to his come country of Canada, and with COVID mandates for folks crossing the border, I’d imagine he’d be sticking around there for the time being.

But hopefully someday, we’ll get that episode of Colter Wall on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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