Riley Green Teases Brand New Song, “Get Back Home,” That’s Likely Coming Soon

Riley Green country music

It looks like Riley Green may have some more new music coming soon.

He dropped two new singles in early June, “Miles on Main” and “Wild Woman,” both of which we’d heard previous acoustic versions of on different seasons of his Golden Saw Music Hall series.

And last night, he posted a teaser for a brand new one called “Get Back Home” on his Instagram page, which likely means it will be dropping in the very near future. It’s even more exciting because this one is completely brand spankin’ new, and we’ve never so much as heard an acoustic version or live performance of it at any concert.

Riley did put out his Behind the Bar EP last July, in addition to his first We Out Here live album that dropped in March, but he released his debut studio album Different ‘Round Here three years ago in 2019, so I’d say we’re well past due for a new album any day now.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had any completely new music from the Alabama native, and I know he has a lot of great stuff that just needs to be cut in the studio.

In May, he also put out another single “Hell Of A Way To Go,” which makes me think this is likely all the beginning of a long-awaited sophomore record from the Alabama native (and we already know he’s been in the studio working on something).

And like the previous three songs he’s released in 2022 so far,  “Get Back Home” sounds simple, solid, and country as hell…

Check it out:

“Get Back Home.”

“Miles On Main”

“Wild Woman”

“Hell Of A Way To Go”

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