Eight Unreleased Riley Green Songs I Hope Make The Next Album

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Another week, another post where I’m going to ask when we’re getting a sophomore album from Riley Green.

He put out his debut album, Different ‘Round Here, almost two years ago now in September of 2019. Other than a slew of EP’s prior to that record and a couple since, we really haven’t heard much new music from him in an official capacity.

After he had commercial success with songs like his debut single and first #1 “There Was This Girl”, and the massive fan-favorite “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”, he’s been pretty tight-lipped on when the next record might be coming.

He did release two EP’s in 2020, which includes Valley Road and If It Wasn’t for Trucks, and he has thrown us all a few bones in terms of content for what’s to come. He posted quite a few short clips on Instagram over the past year or so, likely in an effort to test out material for potentially-new songs I would think stand a pretty good chance of making the cut on the next project.

Of course, more than anything, he’s been touring where he can and is slated to join Dierks Bentley later this summer on his “Beers On Me” tour with Parker McCollum. So, one would think he might, at the very least, announce something in the near future as to specifics of a sophomore album.

You’ve probably read about all of them here at Whiskey Riff one time or another, but I wanted to pick eight of his unreleased tracks I’m really hoping will show up on the next record, along with whatever new material he has yet to debut… whenever it may be released.

I’ll be honest, I tried to make this list five songs, but you see where that got me.

Here’s eight of my favorites:

“That Was Us”

“Put ‘Em On Mine”

“Mississippi Or Me”

“Wild Woman”

“That’s What I’ve Been Told”

“Keep Comin’ Around”

“Miles On Main”

“Known Any Better”

And you know what, as a bonus, I really wouldn’t mind if he threw a cover on there, either.

Because his version of Bob Seger’s “Mainstreet” is so damn good:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock