Is Riley Green In The Studio Working On His Sophomore Album?

Riley Green country music

Is Riley Green in the studio working on his sophomore studio album?

One can only hope…

He posted a photo of himself on his Instagram stories yesterday, where he appears to be recording something, along with a caption that hints at the prospect, saying:

“Workin’ on some things.”

riley Green country music

He just released his first live album last week, We Out Here: Live, that was recorded at a show on his current We Out Here tour in Huntsville, Alabama.

Riley’s debut studio album, Different ‘Round Here, was released almost three years ago in mid-2019, and other than his Behind the Bar EP that he put out last year and the aforementioned live album, he’s been pretty quiet in terms of new music or any news regarding the possibility of new stuff.

He did debut one new song on the live album, “Hell Of A Way To Go”, but there are still so many good unreleased tunes he has just waiting to be officially recorded.

While it’s hard to say exactly what the photo means at this point, stay tuned for more, because I would like to think that after almost three years, he’s gearing up to put out a new record sometime in the near(ish) future.

But seriously, I need a studio version of this song whenever that next album is coming:

“Hell Of A Way To Go”

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