Riley Green Drops Two New Songs, “Miles On Main” and “Wild Woman”

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They’re HERE.

Riley Green dropped two new unreleased songs today, the fan-favorite’s “Miles On Main” and “Wild Woman.”

He played acoustic versions of both tunes on different seasons of his Golden Saw Music Hall series, with Riley first debuting “Wild Woman” back in 2020, which he wrote with his friends Brent Cobb and Erik Dylan.

He debuted “Miles On Main” during the 2021 season of Golden Saw (and teased it on Instagram prior to that), which he co-wrote with his friend and frequent collaborator, the aforementioned Erik Dylan.

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for both tunes since the first time I heard the acoustic versions, and I even included them on my list of eight unreleased Riley songs I wanted to be on his next album (which was prior to his 2021 7-song Behind the Bar EP).

Back in May, Riley put out another new single, “Hell Of A Way To Go,” which makes me think this is likely all the beginning of a long-awaited sophomore record from the Alabama native (and we already know he’s been in the studio working on something).

He released his debut studio album, Different ‘Round Here, back in 2019, so I’d say we’re well past due for a new album any day now…

And these new songs are exactly what we all love about Riley’s music, in that they’re simple, solid, and country as hell.

Make your Friday a whole better and check out the new tunes:

“Miles On Main”

“Wild Woman”

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