Riley Green Will Have You Cussin’ The Volunteers With His Brand New Single, “Hell Of A Way To Go”

FINALLY… some new music from Riley Green.

He just released a brand new single, one he’s been teasing at live shows for a while now, called “Hell Of A Way To Go.” It was also recently featured on his We Out Here: Live album, but I love the studio production even more.

In a previous Instagram post, he explained the personal inspiration behind the song:

“If my granddaddy could’ve left this world while he was either watchin Alabama play football, fishin on Weiss lake or just sittin in the carport with my grandmother I know he would’ve been happy.”

From hunting, to fishing, to watching college football with his dad and grandaddy, Riley recounts all of their special memories together from growing up until this point in his adult life. As the song goes on, he imagines what it will be like when he gets to do the same things when he has a son of his own one day.

As you can imagine, he got a big reaction from the Alabama crowd when he sang the part about watching “Alabama beat the hell out of Tennessee” a while back, and I’m sure the whole song will continue to play well at his live shows (outside of the Volunteer state, of course).

And the release of this new single makes you wonder if it’s just the beginning of more to come. A couple months back, Riley posted a photo on his Instagram stories where he appeared to be recording something, along with a caption that hinted at the prospect:

“Workin’ on some things.”

He released his debut studio album, Different ‘Round Here, back in 2019, so I’d say we’re due for a sophomore record any day now…

But until that day comes, check out the new tune:

Here he is singin’ it in ‘Bama for the first time last fall:

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A beer bottle on a dock