Riley Green Is Bringing Back The ‘Golden Saw Music Hall Series’ For Season Two

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Oh, HELL yes.

This is the best news I’ve heard all week.

Riley Green has announced that he’s bringing back his awesome Golden Saw Music Hall Series for a second season.

He started it last year during quarantine in an effort to support musicians out of work during the pandemic shutdowns through his #GetThatBandABeer initiative and ACM Lifting Lives COVID-19 Response Fund, which included inviting some of his friends down to play acoustically from the Golden Saw Music Hall in his hometown of Jacksonville, Alabama.

The music hall is actually his great-grandparents’ former home. Named after their nearby sawmill, his family turned it into a live music venue when he was growing up and it became a hub for local musicians to play classic country hits on Saturday nights.

It’s where Riley first started playing music and learned the music of some of the greatest to ever do it in the genre. 

Last season, he featured some incredible singer/songwriters like Drake White, Brent Cobb, Jessi Alexander, Randy Montana  Erik Dylan, Adam Hood, Dave Kennedy and Channing Wilson.

I’m sure this season will be just as fun to watch, seeing as he also debuted a lot of new music during season one. Some of those new songs actually ended up on his recent Behind The Bar project.

This season will focus on songs from that new project, but maybe if we’re really lucky, we’ll get hear some new tunes and collaborations as well.

The first episode features his co-writer Jonathan Singleton (who helped him pen “Put ‘Em On Mine”) and will premiere on Riley’s YouTube channel tomorrow at 5pm:

“I’m bringing back the Golden Saw Music Hall Series with some more of my buddies. We’ll sing our songs and tell the stories behind them. Y’all make sure to watch the first one tomorrow with Jonathan Singleton.”

There will be two other episodes, one on September 2nd featuring Erik Dylan and Wyatt McCubbin, and another one on September 30th featuring his fellow Bama boys, Muscadine Bloodline:

Mark your calendars…. if it’s anything like last season, it’s gonna be GOOD.

“That Was Us”

“That’s What I’ve Been Told”

“Wild Woman”

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