Little Hunter’s Relationship Advice: “I Don’t Want A Wife Because What If They Say I Can’t Go Hunting? Nope, I’m Goin’ Hunting”

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The kid is wise beyond his years.

Not even 8 years old and he already has the entire world figured out, including his future marriage plans. And for him, marriage is a no-go. A girlfriend? Say goodbye to that idea too.

While out at the deer camp, decked out in camo and double-fisting 7-Ups, this little fella was dishing out the relationship advice to anyone that was willing to listen. His advice? Don’t even get into a relationship if you want to keep hunting.

“I don’t want a girl, I don’t want a wife because what if they say ‘You can’t go hunting’?

I’ll just go like, ‘Nope, I’m going huntin’ right now, you are not tellin’ me what to do. You’re not tellin’ me what to do!'”

Needless to say, the rest of the camp was falling out of their chairs laughing.

I mean, for just a young buck, he definitely has his priorities in order.

Should he really be thinking about marriage at his age? Probably not. Should he be thinking about huntin’ and fishin’ and lovin’ every day? I can’t believe I just quoted Luke Bryan, but you’re damn right.

Although some day when he gets older…. you’re probably gonna have to cue up the Brad Paisley…

“I’m Gonna Miss Her”

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