Luke Combs Recalls The Time Eric Church Got Him So Drunk He Puked In The Street: “I Was On Another Plane Of Existence”

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“I’m not scared of a refill…”

There’s nothing like meeting you heroes.

There’s also nothing like meeting your heroes, getting obliterated on whiskey, and puking in the street on your ride home.

Luke Combs detailed the first time he ever got to hang out with Eric Church, a fellow North Carolina boy, a fellow App State alum, and a personal hero of Luke’s.

Eric being the good dude that he is, invited Luke and his wife Nicole over for a nice little steak dinner (apparently he makes a mean steak… respect). But while the rest of the crew was drinking wine, Luke was heavy on the whiskey… and Chief kept Luke’s glass FULL.

“I was on the whiskey and the rest of them were on the wine, but whiskey has just a tad more alcohol than wine does so I was on another plane of existence that evening than I think everyone else was.

They made sure our glasses full the whole night, there’s no doubt… which you’re not gonna say ‘no,’ at that point you know? You’re gonna have a good time… I’m not scared of a refill.”

Needless to say, when night ended somewhere around 4:30 in the morning, Luke had to yak, but he made it to the Uber without puking all over Eric Church’s house.

I mean, that’s how you draw it up right?

If I could go over to George Strait’s house, eat some steaks and drink tequila until my face falls off, and somehow manage to NOT embarrass myself until the ride home, that’s a dream scenario right there.

Shortly thereafter, Eric joined Luke on “Does To Me,” the third single from Luke’s #1 album, What You See Is What You Get.

And the rest is history.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock