Riley Green Arrowed Another Huge Buck Down In Louisiana

Riley Green country music

Riley Green is back at it again.

He stuck another absolute unit of a buck with his bow and arrow down in Louisiana.

This time of year, if Green’s not picking guitar strings, he’s pulling back a bowstring and letting arrows fly at big bucks like this. For the second time in two weeks, he has notched another tag, filled the freezer, and put another trophy on the wall. He also helped keep the coyote population in check and took down one of them too.

He’s been busy lately but always seems to find time to hunt. Good to see where his priorities are.

He spent most of the summer and early rocking out as a part of the Beers On Me tour with Dierks Bentley. That tour just wrapped up, but he’ll be back on the road again soon once his We Out Here tour gets rolling.

A little while back, he also kicked off season two of his much-acclaimed Golden Saw Music Hall video series and debuted episodes with musical acts like Jonathan Singleton and Muscadine Bloodline. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that endeavor wrapped up before hunting season really got going, though, as it could have cut into Green’s time in the woods.

Earlier this month, he was down in Texas to play a show at the Josh Abbott Band’s music festival, and his tour bus made a pit stop on the way so Riley could hop out and do some more hunting. That was a great decision, and he dropped the hammer on the first big buck of his 2021 deer season. Before that, he spent some time in Montana chasing elk. While that hunt didn’t appear to be successful, it looks like his recent archery hunts are more than making up for it.

Pretty soon, though, his pictures with bucks will be turning into pictures with ducks. In both of his deer hunting pics, you can see his trademark Halo Waterfowl hat. The Halo brand is more than just a duck hunting hat, though. It’s one of Green’s most passionate business ventures and a company that specializes in technical, American-made waterfowl gear and hunting calls in addition to more casual high-quality clothing. Beyond just the gear, Halo Waterfowl also produces the video series Halo Country, one of the best digital hunting and lifestyle programs on the internet.

While a major focus of the series is obviously hunting, it also blends together a variety of layers that perfectly encapsulate major elements of classic American culture while showcasing snapshots of what life looks like off the stage and in the woods for one country music’s ascending rockstars.

“One of those hunts that just went right. Dropped the string on a great buck this morning. Even did a little predator control.”


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock