Halo Country With Riley Green Is A Must-Follow For Any Duck Hunter

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If you’re reading a Whiskey Riff article then it’s safe to say you probably know who Riley Green is.

If you follow him on social media or have seen him on stage, then there’s a good chance you’ve noticed a Halo Waterfowl Hat on top of his head.

Or maybe you don’t even notice it anymore since it’s basically a permanent fixture up there at this point.

Halo Waterfowl is more than just a duck hunting hat though. It’s also a major business venture for Green who is a co-owner of the Georgia-based company.

Halo Waterfowl specializes in technical, American-made waterfowl gear and hunting calls in addition to more casual high-quality clothing.

The Halo brand is much bigger than the gear though. It’s more of a lifestyle. Something that is perfectly captured by the digital video series Halo Country, which stars Green and his co-host Greg Camp, one of the founders of Halo Waterfowl.

The first five episodes of the series can be found on the Halo Waterfowl website.

The TV quality production is powered by the iconic hunting brand Realtree and Nashville’s legendary Losers Bar & Grill.

While a major focus of the series is obviously hunting, it also blends together a variety of layers that perfectly encapsulate major elements of classic American culture while showcasing snapshots of what life looks like off the stage and in the woods for one country music’s ascending rockstars.

In episode one, the Halo team heads to Arkansas to play a live show and do some duck shooting in the waterfowl hunting capital of the world.

The dude known as Rileyduckman on Instagram lives up to that name right off the bat, as his true priorities in life are put on display. While his music is what he’s known the most for (and also literally his job) he forgot his guitar on a work trip but remembered to bring all of his hunting gear.

For more footage of Green and Camp running dogs through the swamp at sunrise, singing through a duck call, chasing gobblers through the trees, mixing it up with big gnarly bucks, and enjoying a morning in the duck blind with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, check out more episodes.

Just like a swarm of greenhead quackers circling into a decoy spread at sunrise, exciting things are on the horizon in Halo Country.

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