Riley Green Is Elk Hunting In Montana With Major League Bow Hunter

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Matt Duff

Early September means archery season for elk hunters across the country.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, approximately 1 million elk roam North America with a range that spans across 24 states and 7 Canadian provinces. While huntable populations of elk are miraculously recovering in Eastern states like Kentucky, Virginia, and Wisconsin other states like Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico are considered to be the nation’s hottest elk hunting spots.

Elk hunting season begins to really heat up this time of year and Riley Green is in Montana to catch some of the action. Green is a most notably a hardcore duck hunter, but he’s also a pretty skilled bowhunter who has hung some pretty big whitetail bucks on his wall already.

But now, he’s looking to add an even bigger set of antlers to his trophy room. It looks like he took a little break from the Beers On Me Tour to chase some elk alongside Matt Duff with Major League Bowhunter.

Major League Bowhunter is a television show and apparel brand founded by Chipper Jones and Matt Duff, two former Major League Baseball Players and avid outdoorsmen.

Jones is a baseball legend and a first ballot MLB Hall of Famer who played almost 20 years with the Atlanta Braves, while Duff had a brief stint with the St. Louis Cardinals in the early 2000s. Those two teamed up to found Major League Bowhunter, and now their archery hunting adventures all over the country have become a major staple in the outdoor television world.

It appears the hunt is being filmed for a full episode.

It looks like Green and Duff had to overcome some early adversity to make this hunt happen as they had some bad luck with a busted radiator. Hopefully they’re able to recoup some of that luck and turn it into a successful hunt.

No details on whether or not Green has his tracking cat with him, but it might certainly help his odds.

“First full day at elk camp in Montana w/ @rileyduckman we saw a few big bulls, but no luck yet. Learned a lot so tomorrow should be good! @majorleaguebow producers, @colinperry_mlb & @jakefoy06 better have their boots laced up tight in the morning!”

“Radiator issues for me & @rileyduckman on the way to elk camp in MT, looking for a ride!”

“Montana’s Finest”

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