Riley Green Put A Big Buck Down In Texas

A person sitting on a rock next to a deer

Riley Green has been on the road and playing hard the last few months as part of the “Beers On Me” tour with Dierks Bentley.

In August, he kicked off season two of his much-acclaimed Golden Saw Music Hall video series and debuted episodes with musical acts like Jonathan Singleton and Muscadine Bloodline.

Preparations are also underway for his recently announced “We Out Here” tour, which gets rolling in early November and runs through early February.

Despite such a busy schedule, you can rest assured that Riley still finds plenty of time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

He’s one of the most dedicated hunters in the country music industry. I don’t think it a coincidence that his upcoming tour does not have any dates scheduled for December, and there are some built-in breaks in January. That’s the peak of duck season, and it’s safe to assume he’s blocked off a good chunk of time to spend waterfowl hunting instead of on stage. 

If you follow him on social media or have seen one of his shows, then there’s a good chance you’ve noticed a Halo Waterfowl hat on top of his head. Or maybe you don’t even notice it anymore since it’s a permanent fixture up there at this point. Halo Waterfowl is more than just a duck hunting hat, though, as Green turned his passion into a business venture with a company that specializes in technical, American-made waterfowl gear and hunting calls in addition to more casual high-quality clothing.

Beyond just the gear, Halo Waterfowl also produces the video series Halo Country, which is definitely worth watching.

Green isn’t just a waterfowl hunter, though. He’s pretty handy with a bow and arrow, too, and earlier this fall, he spent some time in Montana chasing elk. While that hunt didn’t appear to be successful, it looks like his recent deer hunt in Texas had much better results.

He snuck away from the larger tour he’s on to play a show at the Josh Abbott Band’s music festival in Lubbock, Texas, later today. It looks like the tour bus made a quick stop on the way, though, so Riley could hop out and do some bow hunting though, and that decision paid off with a full freezer and another heck of a buck to hang on the wall. 

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A beer bottle on a dock