Koe Wetzel Debuts Brand New Song With On Tour Outdoors

Earlier this week, we highlighted the monster buck that Koe Wetzel shot while hunting with Herrin Outfitters at the Malouf Ranch down in Texas. 

As mentioned, he was also hunting with the crew from On Tour Outdoors, a video series that connects the country music scene with the great outdoors.

On Tour Outdoors is quickly becoming one of the best digital hunting productions on the internet, not only for the fantastic hunting content but also because each episode typically includes an acoustic performance from whatever artist was featured on the hunt. 

It’s a great example of what makes the whole hunting experience so special. It’s not just about shooting an animal. It’s about sitting around the campfire with your buddies after the hunt with a cold beer, swapping hunting stories, and listening to good music. On Tour Outdoors takes the camaraderie of hunting camp to another level, though, by featuring live acoustic performances from some of the biggest rising stars in country music. 

In addition to several episodes with Koe Wetzel, other artists like Parker McCollum and Shane Smith have had successful hunts and showed off their musical talent as well. 

While we’ll likely have to wait a little bit longer for the full episode of Wetzel’s most recent Texas white-tail hunt to be available for our viewing pleasure, a preview of the post-hunt jam session just hit the internet, and the new song he debuts is absolute fire.

Check it out for yourself, and stay tuned for the entire episode and more details on the new song.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a name quite yet, (possibly called “Way Too Blessed”), but from the sounds of it, this song could be a part of the “full-blown country record” that Wetzel has promised to make when he turns 30. 

Here’s a look at the first chorus:

“Tell me why I’m feeling this way
Hometown hero without the cape
Just a poor motherfucker that grew up on Yellowbush road
My grandparents still look at me the same
And I feel bad when I say I’m ok
Yeah, the people in this town say I’m too far gone
But I’m better than most, worse than others I’d say
And I’m way too blessed to bitch today.”

Buckle up.

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A beer bottle on a dock