Koe Wetzel Shoots Big Ol’ Non-Typical Whitetail Buck In Texas

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Chris Kleinmeier

Koe Wetzel is back doing what he does best, outside of writing songs and rocking stages, and that’s successfully hunting.

At the beginning of October, he dropped the hammer on a huge typical Texas whitetail. He traded in the bow and arrow for a rifle hunt with Herrin Outfitters this time around, and he shot a big ol’ non-typical buck at Malouf Ranch in Wills Point.

It looks to be the same custom rifle from Fierce Firearms that he used to drop a big bull elk at more than 540-yards last year

Just like not many people can pull off alligator hunting in a gold Rolex besides Koe Wetzel, not many other people can pull off a custom gun that looks like it’s coated in a Louis Vuitton pattern. If you look closely though the rifle fittingly says KW, not LV.

As you scroll the pictures from the hunt, it’s easy to see that Koe was blown away by the breathtaking majesty of this mighty big buck once he saw it up close on the ground for the first time.

From the looks of things, Wetzel was also joined by the crew from On Tour Outdoors for this hunt, so let’s hope the cameras were rolling for yet another episode of what is quickly becoming one of the best digital hunting series on the internet.

And while you’re here, you might as well check out some of Koe’s previous hunts with On Tour Outdoors while you wait for new episodes to be released.

Late Season Whitetail Hunt

Mike Ryan, Kody West and Koe Wetzel

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