Throwback To Riley Green’s Cover Of Eric Church’s Number One Hit “Talladega”

I never knew how badly I needed Riley Green to cover Eric Church’s #1 hit “Talladega” until today.

The internet can be a wild, crazy, and downright shitty place sometimes, but it every now and then, it graces you with something truly magical such as this beautiful video.

It’s from 2016, when Riley played the song in Rome, Georgia, to a packed out crowd at The Brewhouse. Of course, the original track was included on Eric’s 2014 album The Outsiders, and has since gone on to become a fan-favorite.

It’s no secret that both Riley and Eric are huge NASCAR fans, as Riley has his own song dedicated to racing called “Numbers On The Cars”, and mentions people like the great Dale Sr. in a number of his other tracks like “Bury Me In Dixie”. The Alabama native also grew up less than an hour from Talladega.

Eric is also known to be a Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan… seeing as he’s a native North Carolinian like myself, it’s kind a non-negotiable.

And, if you’re not a racing fan (which you should be), Riley encourages you to check out the Talladega Superspeedway for yourself:

“Race day at Talladega is like nothing else. You don’t have to be a fan of NASCAR to enjoy going to a race at Talladega, that’s what I try to tell people.

You know, I don’t keep up with the points race, so to speak. I don’t have really a favorite driver that I just pull for, but I enjoy going to the race because of that atmosphere.

You can feel the tradition down there, and everyone’s just excited about being there.”

Though Eric has mentioned that the song isn’t really about NASCAR, if you name a song “Talladega” and sing about racing… it kind of is, I think.

I understand that it serves as a broader example of life experiences and growing up, but if you ask anyone in this crowd, they’re likely to tell you it’s their race day anthem… and I’m guessing Riley’s, too:

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A beer bottle on a dock