Grizzly Bear Is Heavily Outnumbered Vs Pack Of Wolves In New “Once In A Lifetime” Yellowstone Footage

Every year, millions and millions of people visit Yellowstone National Park, but not everybody gets a show like this.

Captured by Yellowstone Adam Brubaker of Tied to Nature this past weekend, the video picks up in the Hayden Valley area of Yellowstone with a couple of wolves from Wapiti Lake Pack and a curious grizzly bear. You’d think that a bear would want to run away when he’s outnumbered by a few wolves, but nope, this fella charges forward to get a better look.

“I think more than anything, he wants to know what it is, and what’s going on. That’s why he was standing up. It’s the same thing with people; they don’t want to be surprised by anything.”

Welp, surprise….

Two wolves turned into three, turned into five, turned into fifteen and all if the sudden grizz has a big problem on his hands.

And while they circled him up and took turns nipping at him, our guide explains in the video that they’re most likely just trying to escort him away from their territory and that there wasn’t any intention to kill the bear.

“They’re just leading him away, so it’s not like they’re attacking him, but it’s saying ‘hey, we don’t want you here.'”

I think it goes without saying, but the folks on the guided tour were more than thrilled with this kind of encounter. If you get the chance to get over to Yellowstone, and with the pandemic still going on maybe you have some extra time right now, I’d highly recommend you go.

Brubaker called the encounter a “once in a lifetime sighting.”

“I had the awesome opportunity to share this once in a life time wolf and grizzly sighting while on tour in Yellowstone today. This grizzly was foraging in the far end of the valley when the wolves started to cross his path. The grizzly started standing up on his hind legs to get a better view of what was going on and then started to approach the wolves. Soon the rest of the wolf pack appears and escorts the bear into the trees.”

Nature man… I friggin’ love it.

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