“I’m The Guy That Wrote The F****** Song” – Hank Williams Jr. Gets FIRED Up Performing “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight”

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One of Hank Williams Jr.’s signature songs in his collection is, hands down, “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.” Even folks who are not country music fans know this tune because of its longstanding run as the opening track for Monday Night Football.

The song not only achieved major commercial success, topping out at number ten on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, but it also became a party anthem for Bocephus and his rowdy friends. I don’t know about y’all, but just hearing that piano intro makes me want to run through a wall, knowing what is to come.

Williams Jr., knowing that this is one of his biggest hits, had to remind the attendees of  Two Step Inn; the icon behind the song was he himself. A staple of his live show, during a bridge of the track, Hank fires up the crowd by naming some of the accolades he has won with the hit.

“33 years, seven Super Bowls, a Grammy Award, Emmy Award… I’M THE GUY THAT WROTE THE F***ING SONG.

Do you wanna drink?
Do you wanna party?”

He belts out to the crowd before diving back into the lyrics, making a slight adaptation to fit the rowdy festival crowd.

“All my rowdy dogs
Are in this joint tonight.” 

This comment sums up how much we love this snippet Two Step Inn.

“Can play 5+ different instruments 5-time Entertainer Of The Year. Fell 500 feet off A mountain. Rock on Hank Jr.”

@whiskeyriff ALL MY ROWDY FRIENDS ARE COMING OVER TONIGHT // whiskeyriff.com #whiskeyriff #hankwilliamsjr #twostepinn ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

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