Driver Stops To Record Two Turkeys Getting It On In The Middle Of The Road


Can’t get any privacy these days…

It’s mating season for turkeys, which generally begins around March and ends around May in most areas of the country. And one driver in Andover, Connecticut got an up close look at the circle of life.

The video posted to TikTok shows a driver coming upon two turkeys who were getting it on right in the middle of the road. And as the driver pulls up, he stops to get a closer look at the mating birds – or as he puts it:

“Ol tom boy clapping cheeks on the highway.”

Of course once the car got close the turkeys eventually scampered off into the woods, hopefully to find somewhere a little more private so they could complete the deed.

And apparently during breeding season, tom turkeys are focused on pretty much nothing but sex (so I guess they have that in common with human males). They spend their days displaying, or standing with their tail feathers fanned out and the wattles on their neck swollen and bright red to let the hens know that he’s ready to smash.

They also try to establish dominance within their flock, often fighting with other males until they eventually nest with a female.

Of course they usually don’t nest right in the middle of the road, but hey, when the mood is right you take what you can get.

Congrats on the turkey sex I guess?

@bsplitty Ol tom boy clapping cheeks on on the highway. #turkeyhunt ♬ original sound – Bobby Splitt NODAK

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