William Clark Green Performed His Larry Joe Taylor Fest Set Holding A… Baby Kangaroo

William Clark Green country music

Well, that’s one way to draw a crowd.

The 35th Annual Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival is underway in Stephenville, TX. Every year, I feel as though something crazy happens during the festival, which is often overrun with Tarleton State students, but this moment might take the cake.

Hey, they don’t call Stephenville, Texas, the rodeo capital of the world for nothing.

Last night during the festival, the attendee was not one that drew a crowd but William Clark Green, and not for his smooth country twangs but for the kangaroo he was holding throughout his set.

“When WCG shows up to LJT with a kangaroo. All bets are off. Even the bearded lady was blown away.”

This Instagram caption couldn’t have summed it up better. By the way, is that even legal?

WCG himself commented:

“LJT things idk”

Sounds about right…

WCG stood proudly center stage, cradling this baby kangaroo like it was his firstborn child. I mean it’s honestly a little alarming how natural he assumes the position. I don’t think I would even know how to hold a kangaroo if the opportunity arose.

“Why yes, that Is a baby Kangaroo he’s holding. Was I even listening to the song? No I was not, I was just watching William Clark Green sing while holding a baby Kangaroo.”

Now, I am not saying it’s the same kangaroo, but one of my girlfriends saw one in a bar in Dallas earlier this week. Odds are it is the same one? Surely, there are not that many kangaroos in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Everything is bigger in Texas I guess…

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