Buffalo Bills Rookie WR Keon Coleman Gives Shopping Advice, Talks Waffle House & Scores Three Imaginary TDs During Hilarious Introductory Press Conference

Keon Coleman
Buffalo Bills

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

The Buffalo Bills landed a new target for Josh Allen with the 33rd pick in the 2024 NFL Draft with Keon Coleman, a wide receiver from Florida State.

And he made quite the impression during his introductory press conference.

Honestly, these things are usually pretty dull, full of quotes from the new players about how they’re excited to get to work and thankful to the team for believing in them. Not a whole lot of substance, but at least a chance for the fans to meet their new players.

But I think Bills fans are going to have a lot of fun with Coleman, and not just on the field.

The 20-year old opened up his press conference with somebody asking him if he had already gotten a jacket in Buffalo now that he’s going to be playing in colder temperatures than he was used to down in Florida. But it turns out he already had it in his collection from his time at Michigan State before transferring to FSU:

“You forgot I went to school in Michigan for two years? Guess where I got this from though. You gonna be wrong though, but guess.”

After the guy inexplicably guessed Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo with what may be an all-time bad guess to any question, Coleman then delivered some shopping tips:

“Nah, Macy’s. What you mean?

They be on sale on the rack. All the colors. $79.89. Nice little deal. You can get the trench coat for like $100. I’ll take you there personally. I might go get some more colors, I need a blue one and another red one.”

Another reporter then mentioned Macy’s Thanksgiving sales, but Coleman revealed that he’s able to find even better deals thanks to some advice from his mother:

“I ain’t know nothing about Thanksgiving. I shop like my mom, I get my coats in the summertime. You gotta shop a season or two before, just in case. And they be cheaper. Cause you go at Thanksgiving, everybody’s there at Thanksgiving.”

It wasn’t until then that the press conference actually got started – and Coleman realized the microphone was on. So you know it was going to be a good one from there.

When asked about his golf game, Coleman had a nickname ready for himself:

“I’m Tiger Wish-He-Could.”

He also talked about going to Waffle House so much that he had the cook’s phone number in his pinned messages – and when it got busy, he would just go behind the counter and cook his own food:

“I eat Waffle House so much at nighttime, I had the cook’s number pinned on my messages…

It would be busy so much during COVID and right after COVID so it’s like, we was just having fun.”

And while he hasn’t taken the field for the Bills yet, Coleman revealed that he’s already scored three touchdowns for the team – in his mind. When asked about visiting the stadium, Coleman said:

“I scored three imaginary touchdowns. Hey, it was 30 seconds. That’s a record. Nobody’s ever did that one yet.”

But the entertainment wasn’t over when the press conference ended. As he got up from his seat, Coleman immediately turned his attention to the snack table and asked if he was allowed to help himself. And when he scoped out the cookies, a reporter assured him that they were good – so he split one with her.

I’m not a Bills fan, but I have a feeling this guy’s going to provide plenty of entertainment for fans across the league – and not just on the field.

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