Lana Del Rey Joins Paul Cauthen At Stagecoach For Surprise Performance Of “Unchained Melody”

Paul Cauthen Lana Del Rey
J Mulka/Stagecoach

When worlds collide.

Lana Del Rey is making it known that she is going to hit the ground running in the country music space, even going as far as to straight up admit that she’s doing it because it’s popular right now.

This weekend in the desert, Lana Del Rey has been with everyone and their mother at Stagecoach. I mean just take a look — even Dylan Wheeler got in on some of the action with her and Yung Gravy.

While everyone has loved seeing “Honeymoon” as she goes by on Instagram appearing in social media pictures, the crowned jewel of her time at Stagecoach thus far is her surprise appearance during Paul Cauthen‘s set.

“Posting this cause it’s a face you’ll rarely see – it’s called when you don’t f**k up three times in a row.”

The two graced the stage performing “Unchained Melody” together and buckled up, folks, because it is the definition of angelic. Lana’s airy, high-pitched vocals combined with Cauthen’s smooth baritone voice are a match made in heaven on the Righteous Brothers classic. If country music had an opera, this is what it would sound like.

“Oh, I’m so lucky to be up here with him right now. He decided he wanted to do a nice slow one to finish it off. I actually sang this song at Graceland in December, so I’m excited.”

She said as she took the stage, noting to fans that they were about to strike up the hit from Elvis.

Check out a longer version of the performance while you are here. If you are anything like me, you were mesmerized by that Instagram clip.

@stellymonster Paul cauthen brings out Lana Del Rey!! Shes angelic #stagecoach #stagecoach2024 #lanadelrey ♬ original sound – stellymonster

I’m also not here to be a bad influence, but this image is putting in my head a collaboration I never thought of, but now I need it to happen. Hey Zach Top, do you think Lana Del Rey could be the “Kinda Woman (You) Like?”

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