“Such A Tired, Lazy Narrative” – Shane Beamer Defends Saints QB Spencer Rattler, Whose High School Netflix Show Caused Draft Free Fall

Spencer Rattler
South Carolina Football

Imagine if you were 17 years old, and Netflix produced a reality show about you and your football team because you were that talented and legitimately merited such attention. That’s what happened to Spencer Rattler when cameras rolled for QB1: Beyond the Lights.

As you might expect from a teenager in that position, Rattler didn’t present himself in a flattering light at all times. He called out teammates, didn’t take accountability for errant throws, and came off as a bit of an entitled punk for lack of more graceful phrasing.

That was many years ago. Rattler has since weathered immense football-related adversity. He was the consensus No. 1 pro-style quarterback recruit in the country, and started for Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma. Some young buck named Caleb Williams — maybe you’ve heard of him — beat out Rattler, sent him to the bench, and away from the Sooners entirely when he transferred to South Carolina.

A two-time captain for the Gamecocks who battled his butt off in the SEC with an outmatched team most weeks, Rattler was my 39th-rated prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. He didn’t hear his name called until Pick 150 in the fifth round. The New Orleans Saints ended an agonizing wait that seemed even longer, no doubt, since Williams (No. 1 overall) kicked off a run of six QBs drafted in the first 12 overall picks.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, how Rattler handled business at age 17 apparently factored in to his draft free fall.

Well in advance of this report, on Saturday morning, Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer already had it up to here with the nonsense narrative around his recent field general:

Others in the media rushed to Rattler’s defense — and rightfully so.

Beamer was beaming with excitement once the Saints finally gave Rattler an NFL home:

I’ve been a huge Derek Carr defender in the past. Much of the Raiders’ struggles during his tenure weren’t really on him. You could also cut him a break for having to acclimate to a totally new situation in New Orleans last season. Now? There are no more excuses, and the selection of Rattler starts the clock on Carr’s career as a starter as he knows it in my opinion.

New Orleans did draft Fresno State’s Jake Haener in the fourth round (127th overall) in the 2023 draft, but to me, Rattler is in a different galaxy in terms of arm talent. He was a 5-star recruit for a reason. Dude can absolutely sling it.

I feel bad for QB-needy teams who passed on Rattler if they made the shortcut of seeing the Netflix show and saying, “We’re out!” without giving him much of a second thought. Like, if the Giants and Raiders really didn’t think that highly of Rattler as a prospect? Fine. Just have a hard time wrapping my mind around how they saw him sitting on the board for so many picks and didn’t pull the trigger.

Watch the interview below that Rattler did with Kay Adams. Not exactly a bunch of softball questions. You tell me if that’s a young man who can’t carry himself the right way. I’m super bullish on Rattler. Can’t believe he fell this far.

Bold prediction time: Don’t be surprised if Spencer Rattler is starting for the Saints by season’s end. Carr will have to ball out to keep him on the bench.

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