Eric Church’s Iconic ‘Chief’ Album Cover Was Actually Supposed To Be A Busch Light Ad

Eric Church country music
Eric Church

Eric Church and Busch Light: Two legends in their own way.

Right after the 10 year anniversary of Chief, Eric Church’s Instagram explained how the photo that has come to represent not just (in my opinion) his best album but his entire ethos, was taken in a garage and intended for use by none other than Busch Light.

According to his Instagram:

“A photoshoot intended for Busch Light produced the symbolic photo that would represent Eric’s brand for years to come.

In a garage in Nashville, Eric’s manager, John Peets, wanted to use his new 200mm camera lens to capture some photos inspired by the style of photographer Martin Schoeller. After seeing the photo, Eric and John knew it was the one to use.

However, the choice to use this photo on the cover was met with resistance. The sunglasses and hat hid Eric’s face, and country music was about connection and honesty.

But this photo was honest. This was exactly who fans met out on the road. This was Chief.”

What goes together better than blasting Church and drinking an ice-cold Busch Light on a sunny afternoon in your backyard? I can’t think of much…

While these days it looks like Eric is more of a wine guy, I’m sure back in his prime he could put down some tall boys. Add drinking a Busch Light with Chief to the bucket list…

Alexa, play “Cold One” by Eric Church.

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