Bison Gets Fed Up With Snowmobilers, Gives Them A Scare

Bison yellowstone

Who wins in a battle between beast and snow machine?

The interesting thing is that a bison and a snow mobile wouldn’t even be in the same weight class. Your regular ol’ snow mobile weighs anywhere between 500 to 700 pounds, whereas the largest land animal in North America weighs in close to 2,000 pounds.

So these snowmobilers weren’t too smart getting on the bison’s bad side. Though it might not have been intentional, the riders were evidently getting on this big animal’s nerves. It appears that the bison was trying to get off the beaten path and trot into the snow, but at the last second, it decided to show these snowmobilers who’s boss.

In the blink of an eye, the bison turned and charged at the snowmobilers. Those filming (presumably from the safety of some sort of vehicle) were shocked to see the wild animal go on the offensive. A chorus of “Karens” shouted as the bison ran at the people on snow machines:

“Oh no! Oh my God!”

The snowmobilers didn’t seem as concerned as the people filming the encounter. They just kept things business as usual, and maybe sped up a bit to avoid the charging bison. After the first couple of snowmobiles went by, the beast basically acted as a “King of the Road.”

Anytime a snowmobile wanted by, the bison made sure to give them a scare by jumping and running at them. It basically acted as a moving roadblock, making it difficult for any snow vehicles to pass through on the road. Just goes to show you how wild animals can still assert their dominance, even against some of the bigger man-made machines we humans have rolled out.

With as many times as the bison charged, the snowmobilers were lucky that no one got bucked off their vehicle. You are typically supposed to stay at least 25 yards away from bison (per the National Park Service), but I guess that’s easier said than done when the bison is running towards you.

Check it out:

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