Family Horrified As Bear Mauls A Deer In Suburban Colorado Backyard

Nature is NOT for the faint of heart.

And just as a pre-emptive warning, if you have a weak stomach or don’t take to kindly to animal attack videos, you might want to turn away… this one is pretty brutal. This video went viral back in 2015, but is making the rounds once again on the interwebs.

In Colorado Springs, this family got a little more nature than they bargained for when a bear was able to track down a deer in their backyard.

You can hear the helpless deer moaning like a drunk guy after he ate $17 worth of McDonald’s at two in the morning as the bear clamps down on him, the family powerless to do anything.

At one point towards the end, the man filming yells to call someone, but who are you going to call?

“Umm yeah, so there is a bear eating a deer in my backyard?”

“Sir, this is Colorado…”

Everybody loves nature until it’s time for nature to be nature.

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