Mickey Guyton Debuts Powerful New Song “Black Like Me”

Stop what you’re doing and listen to this one.

Released today, Mickey Guyton’s new “Black Like Me” calls listeners to put themselves in the shoes of a black person and recognize the hardships that the Black community face on a daily basis.

In the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, and the ensuing protests that followed, it comes at a time when the conversation on racial injustice has been pushed to the forefront of our minds. And deservedly so.

Mickey shared the following thoughts on the new song to Instagram:

“Our world is on fire right now. There is so much division and hate. I wrote this song over a year ago because I was so tired of seeing so much hate and oppression. And yet here we are in the exact same place! We must change that. I hope this song can give you a small glimpse into what my brothers and sisters have endured for 400+ years.”

This release also comes on Blackout Tuesday, a day where many in the music industry (and pretty much all of Instagram) have decided to pause content and reflect on the issues of racial inequality in an effort to spark the conversation towards equality.

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