8 Of The Best Shower Beers To Reward Yourself After A Hard Day Of Doing Nothing

A person holding a can

It’s the weekend.

The perfect excuse to have a midday shower beer, but then again, while we’re all stuck in quarantine isn’t every day the perfect day to have a midday shower beer? One survey found that an insane number of people are drinking on the job while they “work from home,” and in some states, we’re talking about 50% of the workforce. (Respect).

And when beer consumption goes up, so does shower beer consumption. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Another recent study said that shower beer consumption is up 985% since this quarantine began. Now that study was completely made up, but based on the vast sample size of me, myself and few drunk friends, it’s gotta be somewhere near 985%,  give or take a percent or two.

And since show beer consumption is definitely (more like probably) up right now, let’s take a look at this definitive list of the world’s best shower beers.

After extensive research, coupled with hours and hours of field testing, we can concluded that these are, in fact, the BEST shower beers to have after a long, hard day of doing absolutely fucking nothing.

Plus, beer just tastes better when you’re drinking it naked.

In no particular order…

Coors Light

Coors is (maybe was) calling themselves the “official” shower beer, and while I won’t go as far to call it “official,” I will say it’s a damn good choice. Hot shower + cold as the Rockies = a winning combination.

Although it seems like they ditched this campaign pretty quickly…

Miller Lite

According to Luke Combs, five diet Millers will get you feelin’ pretty loose.” But I find that after five diet Millers in the shower, you’re on a whole other level of feelin’ loose. Loose as a crazy ass goose kind of loose. Although after the third or fourth, you might want to sit down, we don’t need any accidents.

Busch Light

A classic, and a personal favorite of mine. What you see it what you get. There’s no bells and whistles, there’s nothing fancy happening here and that’s they way we like it. Busch Light is kind of like the 6th man. It’s not going to wow you, it’s not the star of the show, but it’ll come off the bench and work hard, give you some solid minutes, and you can always count on it when times are tough.

Busch Heavy

Same as above but you want the exceptional, full-bodied taste that only a Busch Heavy can provide.

Bud Light

Bud Light is one of those “drink ’em if ya got ’em” kind of beers. You’re not going to get jacked up to go to the store and get a cold sixer of Bud Light for this afternoon’s shower session, but if you have some laying around after your kid’s first birthday party or something… go ahead and pop a top on that bad boy.

Natural Light

Another solid choice, just don’t let your mom find out…

Michelob Ultra

For those of you that are watching your figure. After all, gyms are closed, grocery stores are basically war zones right now, and is it really a big deal if you order pizza for the third time this week? Plus, if you get a little water in the can, you won’t even notice. It’s a win win.


Heineken? Fuck that shit. PABST BLUE RIBBON.

After you have a couple PBR’s in the shower, maybe manicure that beard a bit, throw on Blue Velvet with Dennis Hopper. You’ll thank me later.

Four Loko

I’m kidding… that’s psychopathic behavior and you should be locked up.

But while we’re at it…

You can only drink ONE for the rest of your life…which one you goin’ with?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock