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Sam Hunt Finally Releases Redemptive “Sinning With You”

The wait is finally over.

Sam Hunt originally performed “Sinning With You” at his Bud Light Dive Bar gig back in September. It was slated for release on November 22nd, but after Sam’s highly publicized DUI arrest the day before, the song was pulled for obvious reasons. A song called “Sinning With You” the day after a DUI? Not a good look…

Anyways, Sam performed the song again at Stars and Strings in December, and now today, fans have finally been gifted with the official release.

With relatively stripped down production, “Sinning With You” finds a reflective Sam contemplating his previous sins with a love interest, sins that in retrospect never felt that wrong. And now that they ended up together (presumably his wife Hannah Lee), Sam has ultimately found his reconciliation.

“I hate it when I can’t feel the Holy Spirit.”

It’s a bit sexy, a bit redemptive, and not particularly country at all, but that seems to be par for the course these days with Sam. However, as far as pop country goes, Sam is probably one of the best at it.

Either way, we’re still waiting on an official release date for Sam’s new album, an announcement that we should be hearing soon.

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A beer bottle on a dock